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  • Butterfly/love (A short reflection on change…)

    I put this on Tumblr in January, reposting here so doesn't get 'lost'. 

    When push comes to shove,
    I often find myself on the receiving end 
    of stubbornness:
    My own resistance to change,
    to life’s attempts to rearrange 
    my tidy kingdom.

    I swat away helping hands:
    demands, however gentle they may be,
    wear like sandpaper on my skin;
    thinly veiled reprimands
    issued from soul to self:

    “Don’t be so needy, so greedy.
    You can stand on your own two feet,

    Yes, but once I’ve learned to stand,
    there is no shame
    in leaning
    on friendly arms
    the harms of bad relationship
    are not to be found here.

    Today is not yesterday.
    I am more than I was.
    We are settled in space,
    a kind of lovely sweet grace,
    that embraces this new be-ing.

    Full of gratitude,
    Wishing for latitude to be granted
    from and to my ornery self
    I sit in silence and take it in.

    My life, all life, hard won.
    I will not will it away - 
    no matter how tempting the old ways.
    Today’s a better place

    and only just begun.