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  • "We are but dust"

    Continuing on in random poetry vein:

    “We are but dust”


    But the dust is beautiful

    Tiny grains of ever earth

    All that is human





    A handful blown into sunny motes

    Contains a thousand trips

    down highway six,

    the remains of 

    family vacation

    meals on the side-away



    powder from your mother’s compact

    resin from bow of brother’s bass


    tiny smashed down bits of Christmas trees

    and rosemary needles

    from fancy dinners

    crystal shards

    of broken windshields

    worn down,

    winking in the starlight


    We are but dust

    But dust is every thing


    Ashes to ashes

    Dust to dust

    Formed out of everything

    To everything we return


    To nourish the land of our ancestors

    To sustain the hand of our children


    As a nation is built upon

    the detritus

    of its history

    So too are we created and recreated anew

    Out of




    Liz Huff May 25, 2013