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    Once upon a time


    I thought I knew

    it all.


    Men - I had your number

    in slumber or in waking

    I had you quaking in my boots


    Job, I had you in my hand, 

    the broadband of employment at my enjoyment

    next move unplanned.


    Didn't matter, I could disband and

    move into my dreamland 

    any time I wanted.


    Once upon a time


    I learned I couldn't do 

    it all.


    (Now I ) Gotta reboot, reshoot

    the vision of my life

    I ain't nobodies's wife and 

    that's okay 

    but someday


    I want 

    to  want a man 

    who wants to stay.


    Career in arrears

    I've sheered off a few years

    I coulda used to make my mark

    it's stark, the difference between

    what I thought would be

    and coulda been 

    and how am I here again?

    Once upon a time


    I thought  - you only get one chance

    at the brass ring or the romance


    But now I find

    with a little tarnish on my game 

    I can tame

    the crazy, the lazy, the whoops-a-daisy

    no shame in the future being hazy


    I do what I can do 



    I've been broken 

    and pulled apart.

    Now I got a

    fresh start.

    Amateur hour 

    ain't nothin but a

    good heart learning 

    the hard way

    about the right way

    that's the art that

    sets us apart

    and pulls us together

    the tether 

    between the me and 

    the you.


    So now I set it back to zero

    I'm nobody's hero

    but I can begin 

    to learn now

    I got the burn now

    can discern what I want and can do now

    I'm the intern on the upturn now

    ready for what life's been waitin to show me.


    Don't you shoofly me


    I can be

    just about anything.


    Just watch me.

    (Now you've seen the twist

    the turnin'

    the lazy Susan

    I'm usin

    to rewrite hist'ry

    this silly myst'ry

    of living - 

    This acrobatic syllabic musing

    I hope

    is not bruising

    or contusing

    if we shadows are not amusing

    remember we are just cruising through,

    with friendship infusing

    this thing 

    called life)

    Liz Huff copyright 2013 (written March 22, 2013)