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March 16, 2017

The latest issue of The Magic of What If is now up: The Magic of What If (Musically Inclined, Chocolate Fueled)

February 26, 2017

Going to the Grammys was a pretty spectacular adventure! Details available in the newsletter, below.

Meanwhile, here's a link to me all dressed up and ready to go:

Grammys 2017

First two issues of The Magic of What if (Musically Inclined, Chocolate Fueled) are out!

And - more episodes of the Super Duper Show are out as well: SuperDuperPodcast.com

February 8, 2017

Going to the Grammys this weekend, woot!

 More info about that in my brand new newsletter, The Magic of What If (Musically Inclined, Chocolate Fueled)

You can sign up right here:

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January 11, 2017

In case you missed it, and want to know what it was like to have Mike Gulley, Nikki Delamotte, Stephanie Sheldon, John Ewing, Pat Johnson, Kim Pride, Shawn Brewster & Todd Gauman all in a room together, here's the podcast from the #SuperDuper holiday show at Old City Soda! Plus yours truly and Tim Cornett!

#SuperDuper Holiday Show

Sunday, December 18, 2016

All-Star cast for our #SuperDuper Holiday Show at Old City Soda on Tues, Dec. 20 at 7pm!

Guests include:
- Mike Gulley (Old City Soda)
- Nikki Delamotte (Cleveland Author (100 Things To Do In Cleveland Before You Die) and Journalist)
- Stephanie Sheldon (The Cleveland Flea)
- John Ewing ( Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art)
- Pat Johnson (Local Chef)
- Kim Pride (Cleveland writer and improviser)
- DJ Set with The Spoon Brothers: Shawn Brewster ( Shawn and ShelbyOldboy) & Todd Gauman ( Super Duper ShowThe Beachland Ballroom and Tavern) playin special holiday songs!

More info at #SuperDuper Holiday Show


 A holiday video welcome to join us at Nighttown:


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